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Our programs are rooted in classical yoga and offer a holistic approach to spiritual enlightenment !!

A daily yoga practice designed for you

All classes offer Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing) & Shavasana (Relaxation). We follow the traditional Vedic principles of Yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the YogLove SocialSwg Academy?
The Yog Love SocialSwag Academy gives you access to 10 daily online yoga classes from 6:30 AM IST to 08:00 PM IST! You can join us on the mat, anytime from anywhere at your convenience!
What Yoga do you teach?
Our calendar and schedule vary - but all our yoga classes follow the traditional practice of Hatha Yoga with each class intending to give your whole body a workout.

All classes offer Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing) & Shavasana (Relaxation). We follow the traditional Vedic principles of Yoga.
How long is each class for?
Each class lasts 60 minutes, and starts with an opening practice of pranayama to help you centre yourself and closes with a meditation practice so that you can feel the full benefit of your class.
Who leads these classes?
Our Yog Love instructors are trained by Ira Trivedi, who is also the founder of Yog Love. Ira has personally designed each session along with her trainers to ensure that your whole body benefits from this yoga session.

All our trainers are women who have been teaching and practising yoga for more than 10 years.
How much are these classes?
This product comes with a yearly unlimited subscription of Rs. 999/- only. The original price of the subscription was Rs. 3000/- but we are currently offering the classes at Rs. 999/- only.

In Rs 999, you’ll get unlimited access to all our live classes 365 days a year! Once you are a Yog Love SocialSwag member, you can attend any or all classes for 365 days!
What will these classes help me with?
Whatever the reason you want to get on the mat, to center your mind, to manage your weight, or to relieve stress. These classes are made for you!
Are these sessions Live or Pre-Recorded?
These are live online sessions. While we will make recordings of certain classes available, we encourage you to take the session live. We have also built class schedules in such a manner that you can practice at your convenience - anytime, anywhere. If you want a pre-recorded Guided Class, we have one by Lara Dutta and one by Ira Trivedi in our masterclass section!
Does Ira Trivedi lead these classes personally?
Ira Trivedi does teach a few classes herself however, all the other instructors are trained by her to guide you through your practice.
How many classes are there in a week?
We have 10 sessions every day of the week for 60 mins.
Can Yoga help with weight loss?
Consistency is key in any workout, follow it regularly and you will definitely be able to achieve your weight loss goal.
Does yoga help with Knee difficulties and other medical conditions?
Yoga has been known to help with various health issues in the past, however, everybody has a different problem where yoga may or may not be the solution. We would suggest that you get in touch with your doctor before starting the program.
Can I attend more than one class a day?
You are more than welcome to attend more than one class a day with no extra charges applied.
Can I take these sessions as a complete beginner?
You most certainly can! However, we would suggest you take Ira Trivedi's masterclass in Yoga so that you can build your foundation for yoga and are not completely lost.
Are these private one-on-one sessions?
We hold group sessions as we believe this strengthens our community as a whole. You may write to us at if that is something you would like to explore.
Can we get a monthly subscription?
We do not offer this deal of 999/- on a monthly subscription
Do you offer trial classes?
No. We do not, but if absolutely necessary - I can get you a recording of one of our classes so you may view it.
How can I take the class online?
Ira Trivedi is an Internationally Acclaimed Yoga Guru and Author, who has been teaching this ancient practice of yoga for over a decade to students across the world and is a household name with TV shows on a number of Indian & Global lifestyle channels. She is also an author, having written several books on yoga, notably the 10 Minute Yoga Solution and Om the Yoga Dog. Ira was a part of the team that organized the first International Day of Yoga in New Delhi, where two Guinness World Records were set: the largest yoga class and the most nationalities in a yoga lesson.
How does online Yoga work in the YogLove SocialSwag Academy?
- Once you activate your account click on the ‘My Classes’ section on our header to check all our class schedule

- Once you choose a class to attend, you can click on the zoom link given to you in each class to join your class!

- Our classes are conducted via Zoom, so do have the app either installed on your computer or phone. You can download the app on your phone or computer from the google play store or apple store or from the zoom website!

- We suggest you place your mat in a way that allows you to see your phone/laptop screen conveniently, so you may follow the instructions and move your body into your asanas, without having to stop and watch our instructors.

- To experience the full benefit of the class, log in five minutes early. We always start with Pranayama (breathwork) which helps get the best from your practice.


It was an immensely beautiful experience for me because of Ira's and team's capacity to provide support whenever I needed it. Thank you so much!!!


Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of doing yoga with your team. I attended alternate days as 9 am batches were not possible for me. Will surely want to do with you on a regular basis. Thank you

Vishal Chawla

Excellent sessions by all the instructors. It is a good start for beginners and progress as the days go by. I look forward to continue the practice. Thank you Yogacharya Ira and team


Yoglove is the place to be to being about a change in lifestyle for a better living

Aarthi Iyer

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Our Yoga Trainers

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